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Now some information about Rob Rossi:

Age 23
Home: Long Island, New York
Height 5'8"
Weight 210
Arms: 19 "
Waist: 31"
Chest: 54"

Rob became interested in bodybuilding in high school. He liked the sport because of the hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and dedication necessary in order to achieve results. Outside of bodybuilding, his hobbies include Ju-Jitsu (which he has practiced since age 8 and for which he has achieved a black belt), scuba diving and dancing. His future goals and aspirations would be to enter bodybuilding competitions. His goal in competitions is always to win, however, he says that he already considers himself a winner as a result of maintaining a healthy body, a sharp mind and an active lifestyle. Rob would also like to do some fitness modeling, product endorsements, personal training and posing exhibitions. If you are interested in hiring Rob, please contact him to discuss your proposals. He would be most appreciative.